The TYPO3 link validator

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With the system extension linkvalidator, you can check an entire website for "broken links" - i.e. invalid links - and conveniently repair them. It does not matter whether the links are internal or external links or downloads (which are technically no different from links to files). The link validator even checks links to content elements (i.e. text marks).


The check can be started manually or via the scheduler on a regular basis.

After installing the extension linkvalidator, the functionality is accessible in the backend module Info.


In the page tree, select the starting point of the examination and then go to the info module. Here you select "Link validator" at the top. In the tab "Check Links" you can then carry out a manual AdHic check. Under "Check this level" you can specify how deep (i.e. how many sub-levels) the check should be.

Depending on the number of pages to be checked, the process may take a little time:

After the check, the list of elements with faulty links is displayed under the "Report" tab:


A click on the pencil symbol leads to the element that you can edit conveniently via a rich text editor:


A click on the pencil symbol leads to the element that you can edit conveniently via a rich text editor:

It is advisable to carry out the link validation regularly and automatically via the scheduler. To do this, create a task of the class "Linkvalidator".

In addition to other parameters such as start page and depth, enter your email address ("Send email report to") so that you are automatically notified of invalid links.

If there are problems sending mails, enter sensible mail parameters in the scheduler task configuration under "Overwrite TSConfig".



mod.linkvalidator.mail.fromname = Website Linkvalidator
mod.linkvalidator.mail.fromemail = 


The link validator sends a mail to the stored address when faulty links occur.


It is therefore only indicated how many broken links exist and to which categories they belong. For detailed information or for correction, you have to log into the TYPO3 backend.


The link validator is a system extension of TYPO3. It is therefore part of the core system, but may need to be activated via the extension manager.