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Our core business is the development, optimization and enhancement of TYPO3 websites. A special role plays the ongoing TYPO3 support. I.e. we support you in all areas around TYPO3, on technical, conceptual and very successfully also on the levels of search engine optimization and web design.

In contrast to other internet agencies we work with great transparency at comparatively low prices. We disclose our prices and document our services in detail.

You can take advantage of our TYPO3 support at any time without monthly flat rates and without contract commitment, regardless of the size of the effort.


With the job search in Google ("Google for Jobs") you can multiply the visibility of your job ads for free. What it takes is structured data that is easy to generate and integrate into TYPO3.

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WACON now offers both one-time and regular data protection audits. This not only protects your website visitors from abuse and yourself from possible penalties due to data protection violations.

Local search engine optimization plays a central role in the online marketing mix for most companies. Google My Business in particular has a significant role to play here. With a little work, website operators can achieve significant improvements in terms of visibility, trust and branding.

What does TYPO3 support from WACON mean?

With WACON you put your website in professional hands. What makes us different from other internet agencies? We have a clear vision of successful websites. We consistently focus on the areas of user experience (visitor friendliness). Machine readability (SEO / accessibility), simple editorial usability & technical maintainability. For you, collaboration means above all:

Competence & Quality

Our employees are highly qualified. As a customer, you benefit from our many years of experience in web development and search engine optimization. The support of currently more than 100 TYPO3 instances as well as numerous personal certificates guarantee high quality work. Here you can get an impression of our staff.

Reliability & Accessibility

You will never call a hotline with us. Instead, you get a personal contact person who can also be reached quickly by phone. We complete tasks reliably, which does not only mean on time but also recognizing, avoiding and solving problems that you might not even see (before).


We are specialized in TYPO3: This means that you are independent from individual employees of our agency. We can quickly replace absences with qualified personnel. Change requests are usually implemented within 48 hours.

Certified TYPO3 Support

We have all four available TYPO3 certifications (represented by the individual employees):

Specialization in TYPO3

We have specialized as an internet agency on TYPO3. Our employees have years of experience in TYPO3 support, i.e. in the administration, programming and maintenance of TYPO3 websites. This is evidenced not only by our numerous TYPO3 references, but also quite specifically by the various certificates we have acquired in the disciplines of web development and TYPO3. Our "daily business" includes many tasks around TYPO3, such as:

  • the extension/modification of templates for layout and function adjustments
  • the extension and new development of extensions based on extBase/Fluid 
  • the implementation of TYPO3 upgrades
  • acceleration of website loading times (so-called PageSpeed optimization)
  • development of AMP websites with TYPO3
  • the integration of third-party applications such as Google Analytics or Mailchimp
  • the connection to external systems like Sage, Abacus, SAP or Carat
  • the connection to payment systems like PayPal or Wirecard
  • technical search engine optimization
  • editorial support
  • creation and sending of newsletters
  • conversion of websites to SSL
  • and much more.
  • We are especially strong in optimizing websites based on TYPO3.

Our TYPO3 support is fast, qualified and reliable:

  • fast, because most problems are solved within 48 hours.
  • qualified, because you are supported by certified TYPO3 experts
  • reliable, because you have several personal contact persons

Search engine optimization with TYPO3

We have a lot of success with search engine optimization for TYPO3. Considering how high the click prices are for terms like "TYPO3 agency" "internet agency" or "web design", we save thousands of Euros per month on paid advertising. The good thing is that you do NOT need any technical knowledge for the crucial actions. We have outlined in an article how to optimize your website for search engines as a TYPO3 editor. In addition, there are important SEO measures that concern the technical implementation and the user experience of your website. For this we are at your disposal as TYPO3 agency and SEO partner.



As a TYPO3 agency we understand a lot about technology. This concerns not only the programming of extensions but also the optimization of TYPO3 websites for search engines.

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You don't need technical know-how to get to the top of the search results for certain keywords. We will show you how to successfully perform search engine optimization (SEO) as a TYPO3 editor.

TYPO3-Support with transparency

We attach great importance to transparency. That's why we document everything we do for you. And we only charge for the time and effort actually incurred. Billing takes place every 15 minutes. To give you a rough idea of the costs to be expected, we estimate the effort before we start. As a rule, our TYPO3 support is billed on a monthly basis.

Each invoice contains a performance record showing who did what, when, and how long the task took.

A performance record looks like this, for example:

Datum Beschreibung Bearbeiter Dauer in Min.
31.1.2021 neue Seminare eingebunden, Seminarleiter der einzelnen Seminare bearbeitet biseden 90
26.1.2021 jquery-Einbindung auf Template entfernt thamjul 15
25.1.2021 Anpassungen für mobile Ansicht, Anpassung mobiler Header             biseden             60
17.1.2021 Neuen BE-Benutzer angelegt bagiker 15
09.1.2021 Bestellprozess zum Einwilligung in Datennutzung erweitert wilhmar 90
    Summe: 270

In diesem Fall werden also für den Monat 01/2018 270 Min. = 4,5 Std. in Rechnung gestellt.

Datum Beschreibung Dauer in Min.
31.1.2021 neue Seminare eingebunden, Seminarleiter der einzelnen Seminare bearbeitet
Bearbeiter: biseden
26.1.2021 jquery-Einbindung auf Template entfernt
Bearbeiter: thamjul
25.1.2021 Anpassungen für mobile Ansicht, Anpassung mobiler Header
Bearbeiter: biseden
17.1.2021 Neuen BE-Benutzer angelegt
Bearbeiter: bagiker
09.1.2021 Bestellprozess zum Einwilligung in Datennutzung erweitert
Bearbeiter: wilhmar

In diesem Fall werden also für den Monat 01/2018 270 Min. = 4,5 Std. in Rechnung gestellt.

Professional TYPO3 support for you

My name is Alexandra Wassenaar. I am the founder and shareholder of WACON Internet GmbH. For more than 20 years we offer services around TYPO3. With "we" we mean eight highly motivated colleagues who are specialized in the development, optimization and support of TYPO3 websites. We are happy to offer you our TYPO3 support. Your website does not have to be developed by us at all. There are three characteristics that define us and that our customers appreciate about us: Reliability, competence and speed. If you would like to know more or would like a free consultation, please feel free to contact us.