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This article describes the procedure for restoring a TYPO3 backup.  

1. install TYPO3

Install TYPO3 in the version from which the backup was created. Official downloads are available here: https://get.typo3.org/

2. import database

If the file db_dump.sql.gz is available as in our article on TYPO3 backup, unpack it and perform an import of the data with mysql:


gunzip db_dump.sql.gz
mysql -h<HOST> -u<USER> -p<Password> --default-character-set=utf8 <DATABASE>
mysql> SET names 'utf8'
mysql> SOURCE db_dump.sql


3. Copy directories fileadmin and uploads

Recursively delete all files from the directories fileadmin and uploads (if available) of the standard installation from step 1: 


rm -r fileadmin/*
rm -r uploads/*


Copy the files from the previous installation recursively("-r") and keeping the timestamps and access rights("-p"):


scp -rp user@<BISHERIGER_RECHNER>:<FULL_QUALIFIED_PATH>/fileadmin/* .


4. Copy extensions

Next, copy the extensions:


scp -rp user@<PREVIOUS_CALCULATOR>:<FULL_QUALIFIED_PATH>/typo3conf/ext/* typo3conf/ext/


5. Activate extensions

Activate the required extensions in the new TYPO3 backend (see previous environment).

6. switch on domain

If you want to use the installation as a test environment, configure the test domain under "Site Management" -> "Sites".