Allow TYPO3 editors to clear the cache

Step by step guide

1. Editing the user group

Switch to the group view "Backend user groups" via the backend module "Backend users" and select the desired group (pencil icon for editing).

2. Make TSConfig settings

Use the "Options" tab to switch to the TSconfig field. Now enter the desired rights here:


options.clearCache.pages = 1


Means: All users of this group are allowed to delete the page cache.



options.clearCache.all = 1


Means: All users of this group are also allowed to delete the system cache of TYPO3.

If you choose only the last option, deleting the cache will always delete everything, which is only useful in exceptions. If you define both options, the user can choose which cache to delete.


You can activate the shares for individual users in the same way as for a user group.