Keep information on the website up to date

There is a wealth of websites on the internet for every search term. Many website providers vie for the first places in the search results. But these do not always contain what they promise. For the user, this means that he or she often has to visit several websites to get the desired information. This costs time and nerves.

A positive experience, on the other hand, can lead to the user preferring to visit your website the next time it appears in the search results, remembering the website as a source of information or contacting you immediately.  

In order to provide a positive user experience for your website visitors, you should take the website seriously as a medium for publications. To do this, you should take the following points to heart:

  1. Date all your publications.
    This way, the visitor can see how up-to-date the information offered is..
  2. Structure the information for the search engines.
    On you will find a detailed description of the schemas that are read out by the search engines. For example, the information in the search results can be provided with a date or events can already be displayed as such in the search results.
  3. Write as precisely as possible. 
    If possible, use absolute time specifications. "Next month" or "Current now" are time specifications that can confuse the visitor after a short time. With the date, the year is also important, especially if the articles are still available in the archive years later.
    You should also always use the exact designation for product or version names so that the visitor can quickly see whether the information displayed fits his problem or question.
  4. Remove outdated information from the website.
    Information that is only relevant until a certain period of time should also no longer be available on the website after this time has expired (e.g. Christmas greetings, time-limited offers).
  5. Move old messages to the archive.
    Not every news item needs to be lifted. Interesting reports and messages can enrich the website and show developments. But be careful: Here you should carefully check which information may still be of interest later.