Connect TYPO3 instance with SOLR server

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Required information

To connect a TYPO3 instance to a SOLR server, the following server data must be known:

  • Protocol and server URL (e.g.
  • Username & password used to log in to the SOLR server.
  • Version of the SOLR Apache software
  • Name of the core(s) (one core is needed for each language)

Step 1: Installing the right TYPO3 extension

First, install the solr extension in the correct version. The SOLR version (see above) of the server is the decisive factor. The TYPO3 SOLR Matrinx under: provides information about which version to use:

Since we are using  TYPO3  v10 in our case and the SOLR version is 8.5, it is mandatory to install the solr extension 11.0.x:

If you need further SOLR extensions such as solr_fal (and thus also tika), the corresponding versions can also be found here.

By the way, the configset ext_solr_11_0_0 must be installed on the SOLR server.

Step 2: Configuration in the Sites module

In the Sites module, there is now a new tab "solr" for each site:

The required data is entered here.

Under "Host" you also enter the user and password. The syntax is:


If you use the extension tika, the access data are entered under Admin Tools -> Settings -> Extension Configuration -> tika -> Register tab "Solr Server" in the same syntax under "Host"

In the "Languages" tab, the name of the core must be specified for each language:

Step 3: Check connection

In the module System -> Reports you can now check whether the connection between the TYPO3 instance and the SOLR server could be established: