Exclude RSS Feed from search result

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The RSS feed is a popular add-on of the TYPO3 extension news. Unfortunately, it is taken into account by the TYPO3 search (indexed_search) by default:


Man erkennt das im Suchergebnis an der verlinkten URL, die ein "type=9818" enthält.

Der obige TYPO3-Ausschnitt zeigt das Page-Objekt pageNewsRSS mit der Eigenschaft config.index_enable = 1

Genau diese Eigenschaft müssen wir in unserem TYPOSCRIPT-Setup überschreiben:


pageNewsRSS.config.index_enable = 0



  • Other search extensions such as ke_search and solr also access the index_enable parameter.
  • The parameter can also be used to exclude pages according to certain criteria (e.g. by category or parameter in the URL). 

Delete indexing from indexed_search

After the conversion, you still need to delete the indexing cache of indexed_search: