TYPO3 Support for Zingel OHG

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Zingel OHG, supplier of stainless steel operating equipment, has commissioned WACON with the TYPO3 of their TYPO3 website www.zingel.de. Zingel offers its customers - mainly from the food industry, memdicine as well as pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic manufacturers products that are manufactured with high quality materials.
"Individual industries and requirements need individual products" - under this motto Zingel offers industry-specific solutions, e.g. for facilities for morticians, fire departments, rescue services and many others. With the hygiene sluices, production entrances can perform force-guided personnel hygiene and thus ensure product hygiene. 

The company is based in Kierspe in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Privacy with Cookie Consent Box for TYPO3

The first wish of our customer was the implementation of a reliable, privacy compliant Cookie Consent Box. Our own development - the EXT:wacon_cookie_management short WCM - supports not only the management of cookies by visitors but also the integration of external resources such as YouTube, googleMaps, etc..

Furthermore, the extension can be individually adapted to the layout and functional requirements of a website.

Better User Experience with SOLR

SOLR is a dedicated search server that offers visitors a much more powerful search than the standard TYPO3 search. For example, dSOLR enables functions such as auto-complete, error correction with alternative suggestions, factored search and much more. The connection to a SOLR server is done via the extension EXT:solr.

On the Zingel website we have integrated SOLR in such a way that product images can already be seen in the search results.

More about this topic can be found in our article SOLR with TYPO3.

WACON: Specialist für TYPO3 Support

WACON Internet GmbH is an internet agency specialized in the development and support of TYPO3 websites. With currently eight TYPO3 experts WACON offers reliable and competent TYPO3 support. No matter if it is about TYPO3 updates, programming of extensions or other services around TYPO3, our certified employees are looking forward to every (new) challenge.