What's new in TYPO3 LTS version 10?

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New TYPO3 Long Term Release 10.4

TYPO3 is a powerful content management system that, in addition to simple page maintenance (even in complex environments), perfectly supports companies and organisations in search engine optimisation and multi-channeling. Learn more about TYPO3 here.


On 21.4.2020 the new TYPO3 version 10 was released. The following is an overview of the most important new features of this release.


IMPORTANT for all website operators with TYPO3 v8: The free Long Term Support (LTS) ends for this version. To avoid the chargeable Extended Long Term Support (ELTS), it is recommended to TYPO3-Update to Version 9.


New functions in TYPO3 Version 10

General system improvements

The version 10 of TYPO3 comes with many general improvements:

  • to system speed (through caching optimisation, among other things)
  • to robustness (among other things through the use of established PHP packages)
  • to data protection & to privacy (support of SameSiteCookies)
  • and security (modern encryption algorithms such as Argon2i and PBKDF2)

Since most of this is "invisible", in the following we focus on the changes that are directly relevant and applicable for editors & users.


With dashboards, numerous system information (e.g. error log, login attempts, news about TYPO3, etc.) can be displayed aggregated on one page. Individual extensions and the creation of your own dashboards are also possible.


Creating your own forms is even easie

The system extension Form has again been significantly improved and simplified in use.

Upload manager for name conflicts

The overwriting of old files by new ones (or the automatic renaming of the old file) can now be activated by default.

More accessibility/user-friendliness

Backend users can now navigate through the page tree using the keyboard, for example, the arrow keys, "home", "end", "enter", "space", etc.

Link validation now also for external links

The system extension Link Validator has been extended to external links. As soon as "broken links" are detected, the website operator receives an eMail. This task is taken over by the scheduler and can also be performed/checked manually if required. TYPO3 then displays a complete list with:


  • wrong internal links
  • invalid file links
  • "dead" external links

More SEO control

In the info backend module, there are two new sections (SEO and Social Media) in which one can display an overview of the corresponding fields. At the same time, in the tab SEO (page properties), the priority and the frequency of change (how often is the content likely to change) can be specified to create a better sitemap.


"Forgotten password" function

Backend users who have deposited an email address can have the password reset.


HTML mails from the core system

System mails can now also be designed visually. By using a new mail programme, it is possible to send HTML-based mails from the core (e.g. system messages).


Browser's own LazyLoading

Via the constant editor, the browser-native LazyLoading can be activated for images. LazyLoading always loads only the images from the server that are in the actual view in the browser. If you scroll down quickly, you can easily notice this. But otherwise LazyLoading makes your website very fast and improves the user experience especially in the mobile version. The settings for LazyLoading correspond to the specifications of the "loading" attribute:


  • lazy: Enables LazyLoading
  • eager: Images are always all loaded (no LazyLoading)
  • auto: the decision is made by the browser depending on the situation


New telephone element

A separate tab Telephone allows the linking of telephone numbers, which are dialled when clicked.


Final remark on the new TYPO3 version

The new TYPO3 version makes a very promising impression. However, we recommend not switching to the new version yet for two reasons:


  • From experience, this version is likely to still have minor bugs. As a rule of thumb, therefore, you should switch to minor version "2" (here 10.4.2) or higher at the earliest
  • The extensions should not yet be compatible with the new version. Whether and which extensions you need can be seen in the Extension Manager (Admin Tools - Extensions).


Do you have any questions about TYPO3? You are welcome to contact us. We will advise you free of charge and without obligation.