Verified Extensions

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What is it about?

The TYPO3 Association thus takes an important step towards more reliability and maintainability of TYPO3 extensions, without weakening the Open Source idea and its unbeatable advantages. With the concept of verified extensions, TYPO3 improves the environment of extensions in terms of quality, service, security and reliability in relation to further development.


What are "verified Extensions"?

By "verfied Extensions" one understands in TYPO3 3rd-Party-Extensions (thus no system extensions belonging to the core), which must fulfill certain quality requirements.

These include:

  • a clear commitment to support the upcoming version 12
  • the provision of a compatible version 4.5 months before an LTS release
  • the extension must be documented and in any case include the "Installation guide", "Configuration guide" and "Editor's guide" chapters
  • the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines must be followed during development
  • a test coverage of at least 60%
  • the support of composer
  • the provision of the extension in TER
  • following the TYPO3 release model, a version must be provided with updates of all kinds (bug fixes, function enhancements without "breaking changes") for 18 months. another 18 months serious bugs have to be fixed
  • a ticket system is offered for user support (ideally a Slack channel)

What are the benefits for users of verified extensions?

  • better quality due to prescribed test processes
  • more security thanks to higher quality guidelines
  • support and service directly from the developers or the Development Partner
  • greater reliability and thus investment security with regard to the future use and compatibility of new TYPO3 versions
  • Major release updates of the TYPO3 system can be carried out promptly, as these extensions already deliver a compatible version at an early stage of development.

What are the benefits for developers of verified extensions?

For developers, sustainable advertising and revenue opportunities arise with the development and service/support:

  • the extension is presented on the TYPO3 website and receives a backlink to the developer's or agency's website
  • up to three persons are marked as verified maintainers in the PSL
  • the extension is marked as "verified" in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (and in the Extension Manager) and thus receives a quality seal of approval

How can I classify my extension as "verified"?

If you have developed an extension, you can contact the CMS Coordination Team. In addition to meeting the technical and organizational requirements (see above), the following prerequisites apply:

  • the extension must have a recognizable added value for users
  • the extension provides sufficient new functionality in an appropriate scope
  • it is not a copy (in the technical or functional sense) of an already existing extension