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TYPO3 v11 since 5.10.2021 latest LTS version

With the release of TYPO3 version 11 on 05.10.2021 there is a new Long Term Release (LTS), which mainly brings improvements in the administration interface (the so-called "backend"). These include above all more comfort, faster loading times and more security. You ll find more information about the new release in our article What's new in TYPO3 v11.


For TYPO3 version 9, this now means that the LTS period has expired. What consequences this has for operators of this version, you can read in the article End of Long Term Support for TYPO3.

Why a TYPO3 update?

  • You are legally obliged to use secure and "state of the art" software (see DSGVO Article 32)
  • Current TYPO3 versions usually offer a higher user comfort (easier usage, more functions) in the backend and a faster delivery of the web pages.
  • Older TYPO3 versions run the risk of not meeting the standards of new browsers. Consequence: the use of the backend becomes unusable.
  • The use of outdated (web) technology fundamentally increases the risk of becoming a victim of a hacking attack and thus suffer high financial damages (system failures, data loss, search engine downgrades, warnings, damages, etc.).

Learn more about the reasons on our FAQ page about TYPO3 updates..

Update with WACON: hours, NOT months

With us you don't have to wait long for an update. We calculate for an LTS update with an effort of about three person days (3 x 8 hrs = 24 hrs):


More about the costs of a TYPO3 update below...


Overview of major, maintenance and security releases for TYPO3

In TYPO3, the version designations distinguish between Long Term Support (LTS) and Extended Long Term Support (ELTS)(see also: What is TYPO3 - Release Strategy?)


The TYPO3 Association publishes a new LTS release every 1.5 years. The version number always consists of a major release number and a minor release number (e.g. 9.5, 9=major release, 5 = minor release). In addition, there are regular feature and security updates ("patches"), which are incremented and make up the 3rd digit of the version number. For example, 9.5.16 is the 16th update for version 9.5.

A LTS version is supplied 1.5 years with new function and safety updates. Another 1.5 years nut with security updates. After these three years there is the possibility to book a chargeable ELTS for max. 3 more years, which includes the delivery of security updates.

For the individual TYPO3 versions there are currently the following releases:

  • TYPO3 11.5.29 LTS (free LTS until 2024-10-31), last security update: 11.5.23, no breaking changes so far
  • TYPO3 10.4.36 LTS (free LTS until 2023-04-30), last security update: 10.4.36, no breaking changes so far
  • TYPO3 9.5.41 ELTS (ELTS with costs until 2024-10-31)
  • TYPO3 8.7.52 ELTS (ELTS with costs until  2023-03-31)

More information about the version and schedule plans on the roadmap site of typo3.org


Why are timely security updates so important?

TYPO3 is "OpenSource", i.e. the program source code is openly readable for everyone. Now, when a new security update has been released, hackers compare the new version with the previous one and can quite easily determine where to find and exploit the security hole in the previous version.

It is therefore very important to apply current security updates (e.g. from 9.5.24 to 9.5.25) promptly.

In our article on TYPO3 security updates you will learn how you can also do a security update yourself.


TYPO3 requires the programming/scripting language PHP to run. This is also operated on the basis of a support plan - similar to that of TYPO3. I.e. also here website operators are obliged (or partly "forced" by their providers) to use a current version.

The different TYPO3 versions are compatible with the following PHP versions:

  • TYPO3 v7: PHP 5.5 to 7.2
  • TYPO3 v8: PHP 7.0 to 7.3
  • TYPO3 v9: PHP 7.2 to 7.4
  • TYPO3 v10: PHP 7.2 to 7.4
  • TYPO3 v11: PHP 7.4 to 8.0


NOTE: The compatibility information refers only to the core system of TYPO3. It is possible that an extension is marked as "compatible" for a current TYPO3 version, but is not compatible with a current PHP version. In that case, an older PHP version may have to be used. You should avoid such extensions at all costs.

An overview of the current PHP versions and their support can be found here.


Internet providers attach great importance to the security of your infrastructure, which is why you should definitely take mails regarding the disabling of PHP versions seriously.

What to consider when updating TYPO3?

  • For the most "painless" porting possible, your previous TYPO3 system should be version 7.6 LTS or higher 
  • The LAMP environment required for a TYPO3 installation should be up to date and meet the requirement for respective target version (see here: https://docs.typo3.org/m/typo3/guide-installation/master/en-us/In-depth/SystemRequirements/Index.html). If necessary, your provider can provide information here.
  • Plan enough lead time. For analysis / proposal preparation / preparations and implementation can go a few weeks in the country. In addition, the traditionally high Auslatung of workload for TYPO3 agencies..

Costs of a TYPO3 upgrade - sample calculation

The following sample calculation includes the upgrade of a TYPO3 website from TYPO3 v10 to version 11. Please note here:


  • for the time of the update no editorial content maintenance is allowed. In emergencies you can maintain the content twice, of course (old system and new system).
  • it may be that after the technical update editorial adjustments must be made on our part.
Our service Non-Profit Commercial

TYPO3-Core-Update from version 10 to version 11

  • Setting up a development environment
  • Creation of a 1:1 copy of the website
  • Implementation of the core update
  • Test and acceptance on the development system
  • Live testing
  • Final check
  • Effort: 3 MT = 24 hrs.
  • Non-profit organizations: 24 * 85,00 € = 2.040,00 €
  • Companies: 24 * 95,00 € = 2.280,00 €
2.040,00 €
with SLA: 1.632,00 €
2.280,00 €
with SLA: 1.824,00 €


TYPO3-Core-Update from version 10 to version 11
Non-Profit 2.040,00 €
with SLA: 1.632,00 €
Commercial 2.280,00 €
with SLA: 1.824,00 €

Our service:

  • Setting up a development environment
  • Creation of a 1:1 copy of the website
  • Implementation of the core update
  • Test and acceptance on the development system
  • Live testing
  • Final check
  • Effort: 3 MT = 24 hrs.
  • Non-profit organizations: 24 * 85,00 € = 2.040,00 €
  • Companies: 24 * 95,00 € = 2.280,00 €

You can find more info about costs and prices of a TYPO3 upgrade here.


Cost savings through version jump

If necessary, a so-called version jump offers itself. So it might be conceivable to switch directly from version 8 or 9 to the latest TYPO3 version 11 . However, the word "directly" is somewhat misleading in this case, since even in such a case,you always have to upgrade to the next higher release first.

Nonetheless, such an approach always comes with some savings, since one-time efforts such as setting up a test/development environment, testing efforts, and final inspection only need to be done once.

But the prerequisite for this is that all required extensions are already available in a version compatible for TYPO3 v11.

Free quotation by WACON

As a TYPO3 agency with more than 18 years of experience in programming and administration of this powerful content management system, we offer you an as-is analysis and the preparation of an offer free of charge.


Your advantage: In addition to a binding, transparent fixed offer, you will receive valuable search engine tips, technical recommendations, as well as advice on how to improve the usability of your website.

You can already see a price example for the update of a TYPO3 version here.

What do we need for a TYPO3 update offer?

In order to provide you with the most accurate quote for updating your TYPO3 instance, we need the following information:


  • in which TYPO3 version are you currently using (e.g. 7, 8, 9 etc.)? The version is displayed in the backend e.g. if you move the mouse over the tabs (browser tab). The version is then displayed there as a so-called tool tip.
  • Which extensions are used? You can find the list of extensions in the backend in the left column under Admin Tools -> Extension List. It is sufficient if you send us a screenshot of the list.
  • Which self-written extensions do you use and what do they do? This is usually the most difficult question to answer. Here it may be necessary for us to take a look into your backend (e.g. via Teamviewer).

Based on this information we can make you an offer for a TYPO3 update within about 2 days.

For more complicated websites it might be necessary to activate the so called deprecation log for a while. You activate this - if not already done - by searching for "enableDeprecationLog" in the installtool under "All Configurations" and writing a 1 into the field. At this point you will also find the information where to find the logfile on the web server.

As of TYPO3 v9, the so-called Extension Scanner under Admin Tools -> Update -> Scan Extension Files also provides useful information about the expected effort.

We are happy to perform the analysis together with you via remote maintenance software such as TeamViewer or AnyDesk. In this case you only need to make an appointment with us.

Perform TYPO3 update yourself

Of course, you can also update your TYPO3 system yourself.


To do this, you should note the following points:

  • never perform a major update (i.e. from an LTS version to a higher one, e.g. from v9 to v10) in the live system. There is no "fallback" in the installation process.
  • update your previous TYPO3 version and all extensions to the latest version (e.g. if you are working with version 8 and want to update to 9, first update the 8 version to the latest version)
  • check which extensions you really need and if there is a compatible version for them (see the TYPO3 Extension Repository)
  • check and update the global referential index of your TYPO3 installation
  • activate the deprecation logfile (install tool) and let a few days pass. Anything logged here as "deprecated" will definitely not work in the new version. Up to version 8 the deprecation logfile is located under typo3conf, from version 9 on it is located under typo3temp/var/log
  • perform a database analysis with the installtool

Tip: Extension scan

The installed extensions are usually the main problem when performing updates. With the Extension Scan you can scan the installed extensions in the backend for deprecated API calls. These calls are no longer supported in the successor version and are guaranteed to cause errors. So action is definitely required for the affected extensions.


How to activate the extension scan:

Avoid trouble - test TYPO3 update thoroughly

After performing a TYPO3 upgrade, you should thoroughly test the website and TYPO3 system. We have made the experience that many TYPO3 service providers and agencies consider an update as completed if the core is 100% up to date, all extensions are compatible and the website looks good.

Unfortunately, most service providers do without real tests. However, this can lead to major damage. Therefore, we have developed a checklist that you should go through after the update. The effort for this is kept within limits and does not require a lot of TYPO3 know-how.


Click here to get to the TYPO3 upgrade checklist.

Typical problems with the TYPO3 update

Below you will find some articles that deal with typical problems during a TYPO3 update and their solutions:


Backend layouts mandatory from TYPO3 version 9: How to avoid the error message "Unused elements detected on this page".