SEO with TYPO3

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At the top of Google...

Search engine optimisation (SEO) aims to improve the website ranking for certain search terms. Technically formulated. In fact, it is about getting the right visitors to the website.

In contrast to search engine marketing (SEM), where advertisements (so-called ads) can be placed in the search event and costs are incurred for a click, SEO deals with the discoverability in the generic search result (i.e. the normal search results).

Taking into account the Google guidelines for webmasters and refraining from prohibited practices, we guarantee our clients sustainable success with search engines (so-called "white-hat SEO").

For us, SEO is the most important success factor in the "toolbox" of internet marketing with regard to new customer acquisition and conversions (= "lead generation"). As specialists for TYPO3 and search engine optimisation, we can support you effectively and significantly increase the number of qualified visitors and thus the number of leads.