TYPO3 Support in 2022: Stable prices and even more service

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Good news for our customers and for all who are still looking for a competent TYPO3 agency. Unlike many other agencies, our hourly rates remain stable. Despite high inflation and a shortage of skilled workers, we are taking into account the currently difficult corona-related situation of many companies and non-profit organizations and refraining from price increases.

Instead, we are adding a very important component to our service: secure and fast web hosting will become an integral part of our service level agreements in the future.

Our pricing model

Our pricing model is based on four different types of hourly rates:

  • The hourly rate for non-profit organizations with Service Level Agreement: 65 € plus.VAT.
  • The hourly rate for non-profit organizations without Service Level Agreement: 75 € plus.VAT.
  • The hourly rate for companies with Service Level Agreement 75 € plus.VAT.
  • The hourly rate for companies with Service Level Agreement: 85 € plus.VAT.

TYPO3 Service Level Agreements

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract that provides you with flat-rate services such as web hosting, automatic security updates, prioritized support, server monitoing and discounted hourly rates.

For non-profit organizations the monthly fee is 99 € plus VAT.

For companies the flat rate is 129 € plus VAT.

A service contract is of course not a prerequisite for working with WACON.

For more information about our TYPO3 service contracts, please click here.

Web hosting included

Since 1/1/2022 we offer web hosting included in our SLA. This has many advantages for you:

  • Saves your time and nerves: you no longer have to deal with the configuration (PHP version, database, domains) of your web server.
  • You have only one contact person for your web activities (this also eliminates the well-known "black peter" game).
  • the maintenance costs decrease significantly: the - sometimes enormous - cost overhead, which results from the involvement of an external provider (or even internal system administrator), is eliminated.

Of course, our hosting package fulfills all requirements for the fast and (fail-safe) provision of your website content. 

What distinguishes us from other agencies

We are a pure TYPO3 agency. I.e. we offer support and programming around the content management system TYPO3. This includes among other things:

  • consulting regarding strategic and technical possibilities with TYPO3
  • the development(relaunch) of new websites
  • the support of TYPO3-based websites
  • TYPO3 updates
  • the development of own extensions for the realization of individual customer wishes and applications
  • search engine optimization for TYPO3 websites
  • TYPO3 & SEO audits

What we don't do are e.g. internet marketing campaigns, WordPress, print design, online stores etc.. 

This focus on TYPO3 leads to the fact that we deliver craftsmanship and thorough work (quality), all employees have a similar qualification profile (flexibility) and can implement tasks very quickly. Our support is therefore competent, reliable and fast.

Why WACON prices are so moderate

The answer to this question results from the specialization in TYPO3 already mentioned in the above section. Combined with a healthy portion of pragmatism and over 20 years of experience in web development and with TYPO3, we are able to not only implement customer requests quickly, but also to anticipate them. Possible problems in the future/costs then do not even occur.

This can be seen, for example, in the use of third-party extensions, which often lead to difficulties if no compatible updates are provided for new TYPO3 versions. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to implement most tasks within the TYPO3 core and thus without using third-party extensions.

We also avoid excessive technical overhead for small and medium sized projects (e.g. regarding the use of deployment processes or repositories). Of course, this does not mean that we work unprofessionally. We basically use a git repository for each project, which provides versioning and change histories and enables efficient teamwork.

Should you run the hosting through us, you can expect a cost-saving, secure infrastructure with intelligent backup strategy, staging environment(live/test/development environment) and free Extended Long Term Support.