TYPO3 Service Agreement (SLA)

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Our TYPO3 service contracts (or Service Level Agreements = SLA) offer you the optimal conditions to concentrate exclusively on the content of your website. This saves a lot of time, nerves and money. In addition to various inclusive services, the service contract also offers concrete financial advantages.

What are the advantages of a service contract?

With a service contract, we guarantee you a much "closer" service. I.e. compared to purely order-related business relationships, our service customers receive:

  • a personal contact person
  • free telephone support
  • a direct line to our developers and project managers and to management
  • faster response times to enquiries and change requests

The conclusion of a service contract should also be worthwhile financially. At least if you want to run your own website seriously, professionally and securely. In addition to reduced hourly rates, the automatic security updates, for which no additional costs are incurred, are a particularly attractive advantage.

Approximately 6-10 security updates and/or patches can be expected per year (concerns the third digit of the version number).

Service Level 1 (SL1)

Service Level 1 includes services that are covered by a monthly flat rate and do not result in any additional costs.

These include:

  • Arrangement of a telephone conversation with the AP or the management within 8 hours.
  • Telephone support for TYPO3 application questions to a reasonable extent
  • Web hosting (20 GB webspace, "Lets Encrypt" certificate, 1 inclusive domain, 1-28 days backup available, server location: Germany)
  • Monitoring of the web server and sending of mails in case of malfunctions as well as up-time server statistics
  • Response time: 1 working day
  • Reduced Hourly rates (see Service Level 2)
  • Installation of core security updates for LTS versions 
  • Administration of all extensions for which WACON is responsible (this usually includes the templates responsible for the layout) in a git repository
  • Preferential treatment compared to non-service customers
  • General advice on TYPO3, search engine optimisation, GDPR, user experience, etc. to an appropriate extent

Service Level 2 (SL2)

Service Level 2 (SL2) includes services that are charged on a time and material basis.

These include:

  • Administration of the TYPO3 installation
  • Creation, modification and optimisation of templates
  • Programming, installation and adaptation of extensions
  • Installation of security updates and version updates for extensions or ELTS versions
  • Editorial support according to instructions
  • Technical search engine optimisation
  • and much more.

Billing is based on time and effort in 15-minute intervals.

Any questions?

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All prices quoted here are exclusive of VAT at the statutory rate of 19%.