Using Matomo without cookies

To use Matomo without cookies, proceed as follows:


1. Choose Tracking Code Settings

Log into your Matomo system and then go to Settings (small wheel on the top right) to the item Tracking Code

2 .Choose advanced options

In the Options area, under Advanced, click Show


3. generate code snippet

Select the item 'Disable all tracking cookies' and then copy the code generated in the black box into your website


Supplementary notes

  • how to include the Matomo code snippet on the TYPO3 website, you can learn here
  • by not using cookies, various information becomes less accurate (visitor locations and behavior) or is omitted altogether (new visitors/returning visitors)
  • also remember to activate IP anonymization in Matomo for privacy reasons
  • more info about Matomo as well as a cost calculation for the integration can be found here