Useful Powermail Tips

E-mail dispatch depending on the visitor selection

Especially with contact forms it can be useful that depending on the selection by the website visitor (e.g.Selectfield for "area of interest"), an email is sent to a specific email address and/or the subject of the email is set depending on the selection.



Create your Powermail form with the Selectfield as usual.
Enter the values for the field as follows (text followed by | and a unique number or letter):

Additional information in the template


Switch to the template of the page on which your Powermail form is integrated.
There is now the assignment to the appropriate email address and subject (in this case, the selectfield is called auswahl). The Powermail fields email and subject will be overwritten. The output will be accordingly in the e-mail.




Include HTML code in a field description

Especially for agreeing to the privacy policy before submitting a form, a link to the privacy policy is often needed.
You can include this link in the description of the field.

To do this, proceed as follows.
Switch to the constants editor of your template.
Select the Powermail_Additional category and check the box Allow html in field labels.

In your Powermail form you can now enter the corresponding HTML code (see example)


In the frontend it looks like this.


Imprint in every (business) mail

Formal requirements must be observed for business letters (e-mails). This includes in particular that e-mails contain an imprint.

It is advisable to place the imprint after your signature, at the end of the e-mail.

E-mail sender address of the website operator

The e-mail sender address must always be an e-mail address of the website operator, otherwise the provider will "refuse" to send the e-mail and the website visitor will receive an e-mail that his e-mail could not be delivered.

To avoid this, an entry in the POWERMAIL ADDITIONAL category in the constants editor must be adjusted accordingly.