The free web analysis tool Matomo can be installed on your own web server and is therefore already considered data protection-friendly. In contrast to other systems such as google analytics, the data is not made available to any third-party provider.


Nevertheless, certain rules must also be observed when using Matomo. Above all, two points are important:

Complete your privacy policy

Inform your visitors about the use of Matomo on your privacy page. You can find an example text for this on our page under "Use of Piwik"..

1. activate PlugIn PrivacyManager

Matomo stores the full IP addresses of your visitors by default. To avoid this, but at the same time still allow evaluations of the general origin (so-called geolocation such as countries) of the visitors, we recommend to mask these IP addresses i.e. to store only a part of it.


To do this, log in to your Matomo backend with admin rights. Activate the PlugIn PrivacyManager, which is already delivered with the basic installation (see Administration -> System -> Plugins).

2. anonymize the IP addresses of your visitors

With the activation of the PrivacyManager the menu item Privacy is visible under Settings. Select this and anonymize the IP addresses according to the illustration (Yes/2 bytes/Yes):


3. offer opt-out

With the opt-out function, you enable your visitors to completely refrain from tracking by Matomo. This function is urgently required by data protection law. You need a so-called source code snippet for this, which is also provided by Matomo under Privacy (Opt-Out):


4. do-not-track settings

Activate Do-Not-Track support


5. embed HTML code on the web page

Now copy the HTML code ( snippet ) and paste it on a page as HTML content element in your TYPO3 backend:


The opt-out function is considered by lawyers to be an important prerequisite for compliance with the so-called EU cookie Directive in Germany and should definitely be implemented.


In this context, one more note:

In addition to the imprint, you should offer a privacy police page that is visible and accessible from all pages of your website. So similar to the specifications for the imprint.