Authorization assignment for backend users

Authorization assignment new website

System/Backend Users
First, a new user group with the name base is created, without rights assigned. This group must be assigned to each user as the first group (including the administrator)

Assign the user group created above to already existing pages  (also to all subpages).

It is thus ensured that all editors get access to newly created pages via the group rights.


Create new user group

User groups are created so that rights do not have to be assigned individually for each user.

Each user group is assigned editing rights to specific modules, tables or content elements.

If editors have different rights (e.g. text input only, no deleting; changing page properties....), several user groups  (with the respective rights) must be created.

If users should be able to edit different pages or get different data shares, you can define this in the respective user group (sharing and work environments). However, it makes more sense to make this assignment directly with the user.

Access list

Proposal for an editor

Important: remember the user tools, otherwise the user will not be able to change his password


Access list

The corresponding rights must be set for

  •     Tables (show / change )
  •     Page types
  •     Page
  •     Page content
  •     PageContent:Type
  •     MaskElement

 (basic rights for an editor)


  • At Tables (show and change) select all MaskElements (if this extension is used)! (Should a new MaskElement be created, the right must also be subsequently assigned to the user group.
  • Select the corresponding rights of the MaskElements (applies to all MaskElements)

Mounts and Workspaces

DB Mounts

Select the pages you want the users to see (e.g. the start page) Subpages will automatically be shared as well.


Directory shares

Assign a name and select the memory (fileadmin/ (auto-created)). After saving, the Folder item appears. Select the corresponding file directory. All subdirectories will also be displayed. However, you can also create multiple directory shares and assign them to the user group.



Clear cache

To allow the user to clear the cache later, add the following 2 lines to Tsconfig:

options.clearCache.pages= 1
options.clearCache.all= 1


Create a new user

  •     Check the Enabled box
  •     Assign a user name and password
  •     Assign the Base group first, and then assign the Editor user group.

Similar to setting up the user group, you can assign access rights and shares and work environments to an individual user. The user will have these rights in addition to the rights from the user group.