TYPO3 Programming

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Correct use of TYPO3

TYPO3 is a powerful tool. It offers professional website operators the right "toolbox" consisting of extensive functionality, extensibility, support for search engine optimization and security. Unfortunately, the integration (i.e. the implementation of a website in TYPO3) is often done incorrectly or inadequately - mostly due to lack of expertise. This leads to problems such as:

  • cumbersome editorial maintenance
  • slow loading times
  • poor visibility in search engines
  • unmaintainable source code (up to problems with TYPO3 updates) etc.

The result is always a website that achieves mediocre success at best.

As a TYPO3 agengy we guarantee you the technically correct implementation of your TYPO3 project.

Quality factors in TYPO3 programming

When programming, integrating & supporting TYPO3 websites, we adhere to five quality factors:

  1. Editorial usability
    The TYPO3 backend must be as simple and intuitive as possible for editors to use.
  2. Responsiveness
    The website must be user-friendly on different end devices.
  3. Machine readability
    The website must be programmed cleanly for machines in terms of content (as search engine-friendly as possible) and operation (as barrier-free as possible).
  4. Pagespeed
    The website must load as fast as possible (and without shifting effects).
  5. Maintainability
    The technical maintenance of the website and the TYPO3 installation must be as easy as possible. 

What you should pay special attention to in TYPO3 projects, we have recorded in this checklist.

This qualifies us ...

We are a team of TYPO3, UX and SEO experts. With this expertise, we guarantee you a professional website not only visually. And we can prove it:


Our project managers plan and accompany your project from conception to live launch. This requires a sound knowledge of TYPO3, project management, software development and search engine know-how. In the TYPO3 world, this is what the TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant is for. The TYPO3 project managers employed by WACON hold such a certificate.


The classic task of TYPO3 programming is the conversion of a layout to a functioning TYPO3 website. This is also called integration and the developer is called integrator. For this task, the TYPO3 Association has developed its own certification program called TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator. The TYPO3 integrators used by WACON have such a certificate.


Furthermore, it is sometimes necessary to extend TYPO3 with certain functions. These functions are called extensions. There is also a quality seal for the development of TYPO3 extensions: the TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer. The TYPO3 programmers used by WACON have such a certificate.


Editorial maintenance is the crucial task when it comes to the success of a website. It contributes significantly to page speed, search engine optimization and maintainability. Our editors master the optimized maintenance of content in their sleep. And they can prove it with the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor certificate.


You would like us to implement a finished design in TYPO3?

This is our "daily business" :-) We are also happy to convert the creative work of other web designers into a functioning TYPO3 website. To give you a suitable quote for this, just send us a PDF showing the look and functionality of your new website.

Please also consider the visualization of different screen sizes (defined by so called breakpoints). If this is too much work, we can do a responsive implementation according to best practice.

Here are a few examples of common breakpoints:

TYPO3 extensions provider

We are not only a service provider in TYPO3. Our TYPO3 developer also develop their own extensions, which are freely available to you:

  • With the extension wacon_cookie management, website owners can enable their visitors to set cookies individually.
  • With the extension wacon_csv2html you can convert CSV files (e.g. exports from other systems) directly into website tables
  • With wacon_typo3_backup we have programmed a solution to create automated TYPO3 backups with different interval strategies