FAQ about our internet agency

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WACON Internet GmbH is an internet agency specialising in web solutions based on the Content Management System TYPO3.


In the following we answer the most important questions about our agency in a few sentences.

Who is WACON?

WACON is an internet agency founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1999, specialising in the development of user- and search engine-friendly websites based on TYPO3.


What services does WACON offer?

WACON's services include web design and programming of TYPO3 websites, TYPO3 updates, search engine optimisation (SEO) and ongoing TYPO3 support.


How many employees work for WACON?

WACON currently has 10 employees.


What distinguishes WACON from other TYPO3 agencies?

  1. We are exclusively specialised in TYPO3. This enables us to deliver competent work reliably and quickly.
  2. We see the web primarily as an information system and less as a presentation medium. The user is in the foreground: fast loading times, simple and intuitive operation and stable responsiveness are our top priorities.
  3. We implement TYPO3 in such a way that editors (depending on the assignment of rights) can make extensive changes and easily operate the backend
  4. We attach particular importance to the machine readability of the HTML code. A point that many clients do not see, but which plays a very important role in terms of search engine optimisation and accessibility.
  5. When it comes to the technical implementation in TYPO3, complexity reduction is our top priority. As far as possible, we try to implement everything with the on-board means (i.e. the TYPO3 core system) and without installing third-party extensions. This reduces maintenance costs (e.g. for updates) and increases the security of the system.

Where is WACON based?

Our head office is in Frankfurt am Main. We also have an office in Munich..


What are WACON's prices?

Our hourly rate for NPOs is 85,-€ plus VAT and for commercial companies 95,-€ plus VAT. Within the framework of Service Level Agreements (SLA) these are reduced to 68,-€ or 76,-€ plus VAT.


Does WACON offer employees a home office?

Yes. In principle, every employee can work from home. Even outside the pandemic.


What other benefits does WACON offer its employees?

We offer independent work, flexible working hours, opportunities for further training and certification and fair pay.