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Agency for TYPO3 development, support and optimization

We develop, extend and optimize websites based on TYPO3. Our service is fast, competent and reliable. Our prices are fair and transparent.


[Translate to English:] TYPO3-Agentur für Webdesign & Umsetzung
Web design for visitors

A web design that is oriented towards visitor benefit: Short loading times, responsive behavior and intuitive, low-barrier operation. This maximization of the so-called "user experience" is also rewarded by search engines.

[Translate to English:] TYPO3-Agentur für Programmierung
Development & Optimization

Proper programming is important: it is the basis for a fast, maintainable and easy-to-use system. This is called "integration". And for that we have certified integrators, developers, editors and consultants.

[Translate to English:] TYPO3-Agentur für Service & Support
Constant improvement

Our TYPO3 support includes all technical tasks around TYPO3: extension development, TYPO3 updates, search engine optimization, editorial support, reliable hosting with automatic security updates and much more.

We offer quite concretely:

  • the classic relaunch (web design/programming/search engine optimization) based on a current TYPO3 LTS version and using modern technologies (AMP, SOLR, Progressive WebApps, Structured Data, etc.)
  • the programming of sophisticated extensions for your website (e.g. eCommerce extensions, interfaces to in-house or third-party systems, complex dialog systems, etc.)
  • the optimization & expansion of already existing websites
  • reliable, fast and uncomplicated TYPO3 support
  • immediate telephone help (first level support)
  • TYPO3 updates and proactive security updates
  • web analysis & search engine optimization with TYPO3
  • Website hosting and monitoring (including availability, load balance, link validation)

We currently support more than 250 TYPO3 customers of various sizes from the non-profit and private sectors throughout the German-speaking region (D-A-CH).

Our TYPO3 agency profile

Learn everything important about our agency in this PDF:

  • Who we are.
  • What we do.
  • How our rates are.
  • Who our customers are.
  • And much more ...

You can get another brief overview under FAQ about our agency.

Our team: certified TYPO3 specialists

Behind our success is a motivated team of currently eight permanent employees and four freelancers. We pay attention to a constant build-up of knowledge. Our employees are certified as TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator and TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor. In addition, there are awards in the field of Internet marketing (Google Ads) and web analysis (Google Analytics).

Our constantly growing customer base also benefits from this: a large pool of know-how enables us to process customer requests quickly: reliably, unbureaucratically and transparently.


Web design, TYPO3 and search engine optimization

We offer web design that is oriented to the target audience, that offers fast loading times and allows intuitive operation for the visitor,. As a content management system we use TYPO3. In doing so, we use modern technologies methodologies aimed at providing an optimal user experience. Our certified staff will support you promptly and at a high quality level. Furthermore, we optimize your website technically so that it is easy to find in search engines. And that sustainably, without tricks, but according to the guidelines and recommendations of the search engine operators.


We offer a special service for customers with particularly high demands: As part of a service contract, we take complete care of the technical support of the website and offer extremely fast response times and direct contact with our TYPO3 developers.

We are happy to visit you for a free and non-binding consultation.

Job offers from our agency

We are looking for support in our agency...


 Project Manager (m/f/d) wanted
Manage web projects

If you are interested in exciting, cross-industry web projects in a dynamically growing internet agency, please contact us quickly...

Webdeveloper full/part time wanted
Web programming

We are looking for fullstack web developers with strong skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and mySQL.

PHP Developer (m/f/d) wanted
PHP Programmer (m/f/d)

Are you familiar with PHP based frameworks like Symphonie or even extBase? Then we would like to get to know you...

... we look forward to receiving your application.


Our idea of successful websites

The greater the added value of a website for your visitors, the more successful your website will be. What does that mean in concrete terms? From our point of view, three factors play a decisive role:


  • the technical search engine optimization (SEO) creates the conditions for the highest possible placement on search engines and social networks
  • the User Experience (also: UX-Design/Usability/User Friendliness) ensures that the visitors "feel comfortable" on your website. This includes factors such as a device-dependent display (so-called responsive design), clear content structures and a high PageSpeed (short loading times).
  • the content relevance aims to offer visitors current and for them interesting content.

In all three areas, we support you. The basic technology we use for this is the free content management system TYPO3 CMS, with which you can conveniently maintain the content of your website yourself.

You can find more information in our articles on TYPO3 CMS, SEO, web design & Page Speed Optimization

Guide and checklist for TYPO3
Getting TYPO3 projects right

No matter if relaunch or update: You can make many mistakes with TYPO3 projects. We help you to avoid them...

Optimize web texts for people and machines
Texts for people & machine

Write texts in such a way that they do not only rank well but are also read & invite you to stay.

Data protection and GDPR
Privacy and security

Violations of the GDPR can result in fines and damage to your image. You should avoid...

Performance comparison

The following graph is an evaluation of Google Search Console about our own website www.wacon.de. It shows the visitor flows of the last 28 days of 2019 and compares them with the same period last year. This shows, among other things:

An increase in clicks in Google from 2,066 visits to 3,205, this makes a plus of 55%.

An increase in impressions from 34,699 to 123,548. An increase of 256%.

These increases were only possible:

  • because we offer content that adds value to visitors & actively engage in content marketing
  • because we can optimize websites technically and design-wise
  • because we use modern, user-friendly technologies like Pagespeed optimization, AMP & SOLR

Development at the term "TYPO3 agency"

The search term typo3 agency is the most sought-after word combination in our industry. For advertisements in Google ca. 20, -€ per click are paid for this. We are now among the first 8 hits and do not have to pay anything. This is the result of our methodical approach (see above):

Agency with quality guarantee

As a professional TYPO3 agency, we offer our clients a quality guarantee, ie:

  • we program clean HTML/CSS/JavaScript code
  • we consider accessibility by default (e.g. through ARIA award tags, accessibility optimization, best practice responsiveness)
  • we pay attention to short loading times (pagespeed) and mobile suitability
  • we tag the HTML code with semantic tags for better search engine readability
  • we only install really necessary TYPO3 extensions (better maintainability)
  • our developers are TYPO3 certified (TCCI and TCCD)

When we are contracted to take over content, this is done in a search engine-friendly and barrier-free manner:

  • we create new pages with meaningful title & short description
  • we optimize images for the web
  • we assign alt- and title-tags for images
  • we fill the alt tag of links with meaningful text
  • our editors are TYPO3 certified (TCCE)

Our history: Internet agency since 1999


The company WACON was founded in 1999 as an Internet agency in Frankfurt a.M. From the beginning we have relied on the independence, creativity and performance of the open source community. Since 2004 WACON offers a full service around the popular Content Management System TYPO3 CMS

Our offer to you is easily summarized in one sentence: fast, reliable and high quality service in the areas of web design, TYPO3 CMS and search engine optimization(SEO). And all that at fair prices.

Website www.wacon.de 1999


Website www.wacon.de 2005


Website www.wacon.de 2010


Website www.wacon.de 2017


Our guiding principle: The visitor benefit

As an internet agency, we serve clients throughout the production process of a website. From the concept, to the Webdesign, the programming and technical implementation in TYPO3 to the search engine optimization.  When developing websites, we are primarily oriented towards the visitor benefit - newfangledly referred to as "user experience"

No matter what your goal is with your website: In the way the visitors perceive your website lies the key to the success of your website. The decisive factors are user-friendliness, the benefit for the visitor and the emotional appeal:


  • Do visitors find their way around the website quickly (e.g., through intuitive operation, understandable navigation, breadcrumb paths, search functions)?
  • Are the websites comfortable to use on different devices (keyword: responsive)?
  • Are the pages loading fast even at low speed (e.g. 3G, 2G) (keyword: Pagespeed)?
  • Do the website functions work properly on all devices 
  • Is a print function offered without superfluous images / text?
  • Can people with access restrictions (keyword: accessibility) also use the website?
  • Is the website also operable if the end device just has no Internet access (keyword: Serviceworker)?
  • Is the entire interaction encrypted by using the https protocol and thus protected?

Use of the website(-content))

  • Is the content exclusive, relevant to the topic, useful, and current?
  • Does the visitor find the information he/she is looking for (quality of the search function)?
  • Are the texts understandable and easy to read?
  • Are the texts grammatically correct?

For more information on copywriting for the web, please contact .

The emotional aspect

  • Does the web design fit the company and the corporate identity?
  • Does the layout convey confidence in the quality of the company?
  • Does the layout convey credibility?
  • Does the design of the website convey trust?

1. full service agency with personal contacts

We are a full service internet agency. I.e. we are your central contact for ALL aspects of your website activities, such as web design, programming, search engine optimization or web hosting

At the same time, you will have competent, personal contact persons for different disciplines.

2. no-frills web design

That means for us:

  • simple and intuitive user guidance (usability)
  • maximum accessibility on different devices (responsive or adaptive web design)
  • correct display on as many browsers as possible (cross-browser compatibility)
  • short loading times by avoiding unnecessarily large images and animations

3. specialization in TYPO3 CMS

We have specialized in ONE content management system (TYPO3 CMS), which is used to maintain content and administer the website,. As a result, our clients can rely on the highest possible quality and speed of work. Our TYPO3 team has in-depth specialist know-how. Each employee can replace another at short notice.

4. goal-oriented online marketing and web controlling

We also rely on the strategy of focus in online marketing: we provide comprehensive advice and support in the area of search engine optimization (SEO). The constant improvement of website placement in the generic search results of search engines is the most important, sustainable and profitable form of gaining new customers (so-called conversions)

5. TYPO3 web hosting with especially great data security

Our hosting offer is specially designed for TYPO3 based websites. We attach great importance to the topic of data security. We offer our customers backup copies retroactively up to 4 weeks. Unlike other providers, we also offer a free, application-specific (TYPO3 CMS) telephone consultation.

6. ongoing, personal support from TYPO3 specialists

Your TYPO3 website is in good hands with us. We are happy to take care of you permanently - without long contractual obligations (monthly cancellation) or other dependency clauses (e.g. copyrights). No matter if version updates, content maintenance, technical extensions or search engine optimization. Your benefit is our know-how. We take the word service literally. With personal, certified contact persons and at favorable conditions.

7. regional availability in the Frankfurt area.

You come from the greater Frankfurt Rhine-Main area? We would be happy to support you locally, e.g. through personal consulting or training - at us or even at your premises.

8. fair and transparent pricing

With us, there are no hidden costs. Our quotes are binding fixed quotes with clear task definition. We bill our regular services in the form of transparent performance records (date, employee, activity description, effort in minutes) at discounted hourly rates


One call is all it takes...

  • You need a professional website that contributes sustainably and measurably to the success of your company?
  • You are dissatisfied with your current TYPO3 support and are looking for a long-term, reliable technical partner with fair prices?
  • You don't get along with TYPO3 and wonder if it's the right system for you?
  • You want to get serious about search engine optimization and need support?
  • You want to update your TYPO3 system?

Then you should contact us. Maybe we can already help you on the phone or convince you in a personal conversation.