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We are a small TYPO3 agency from Munich. I.e.: We develop, maintain and optimise websites based on TYPO3. TYPO3 is a free content management system that allows you to manage the content of your website yourself.

Our customers benefit from our years of experience (since 1999) in the areas of web design, TYPO3 and search engine optimisation. Our employees are highly qualified and certified in numerous specialist areas - not only TYPO3. 

Our team

TYPO3 experts & SEO professionals: We are personally there for you, in and around Munich...

Kerstin Schmitt TCCI- & TCCD-zertifiziert

Kerstin Schmitt

TCCC, TCCI- & TCCD-certified

Alexandra Content Marketing & SEO


Content Marketing & SEO



Internal Organization & Management



Certified TYPO3 Integrator (TCCI)

Oliver TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant


TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant



TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator (TCCI)



TYPO3 Support & SEO



TYPO3 Developer and Integrator

Our prices

We offer our clients in and around Munich fair prices and a very high level of transparency. At the end of the month, we document the work performed and invoiced on the basis of performance records. There is no contract commitment or monthly flat rates. However, you have the option of receiving complete support (incl. hosting, system monitoring security updates, Google support and much more) with particularly advantageous conditions within the framework of a service contract.

We have a uniform hourly rate for web design, programming and search engine optimisation. Non-profit organisations from the Munich area receive special conditions:

Our web designers work with a holistic view of your internet strategy. That means it's not just about making the website look professional. Instead, the web design also takes into account technical factors such as pagespeed, interactive best practices and end-device diversity (responsive web design). The web design is then "integrated" into TYPO3 so that you can completely maintain the content of your website yourself (e.g. menu items, pages, images, texts, downloads, etc.).


We also maintain websites that we have not programmed ourselves. Prerequisite: They must run on the basis of TYPO3. We are also happy to carry out TYPO3 upgrades of third-party sites.

Why TYPO3?

TYPO3 as a content management system is the ideal solution for us for a professional web presence.

Why is that? There are many reasons for TYPO3. But we would like to highlight four strategic points in particular:

  • TYPO3 is free and "free" in the truest sense of the word. The support of basic web technologies (PHP, mySQL, Linux, etc.), the wide distribution and many TYPO3 service providers guarantee that you will not fall into a technical or economic dependency. The TYPO3 community is professionally positioned with its own association (TYPO3 Association) 
  • TYPO3 is equipped with a lot of built-in functionality by default. I.e. it comes with many functions out of the box (the so-called core system) (e.g. user administration, multisite capability, workspace/flow functions, and much more).This is important! Because the argument "there is a plug-in for that" will boomerang at the latest when suddenly many plug-ins no longer work in combined use, central changes (e.g. for PageSpeed optimisation) cause problems or at the latest a major release update has to be made  
  • TYPO3 is open. You can extend the functionality of TYPO3 with your own or third-party extensions. However, this should be well considered (see previous point).
  • TYPO3 is interoperable. This means you can link TYPO3 with other systems. This does not only mean other web applications, but also proprietary systems outside the internet (e.g. merchandise management, CRM, payment systems)

Summarising, it can thus be said: With TYPO3 you have a technically flexible and expandable solution at your disposal, which at the same time minimises the investment risk!

If you want to learn more about TYPO3, read our article What is TYPO3?

Why our agency in particular?

We are not the only TYPO3 agency from Munich. So why should you choose us in particular?

We distinguish ourselves from classic agencies in many ways:

  • You speak directly with "your" developer/supervisor/SEO expert, depending on which expertise is currently in demand. There is no intermediary hotline.
  • You are supported by certified web developers and search engine optimisers
  • You benefit from our regional availability: appointments are possible within a few days, for briefings/training/meetings in the Munich area there are no travel costs
  • Your website success increases due to our consistent focus on visitor benefits
  • Your website remains maintainable because we follow the W3C standard in programming and use as few TYPO3 extensions as possible
  • You keep track of everything: our invoicing is transparent and easy to understand
  • Your investments become more attractive: our prices are fair and not excessive

We would also be happy to convince you in person, with a cup of coffee in Munich for a free consultation.

Update to TYPO3 v12 now

The new TYPO3 version v12 has been available since the beginning of October 2018. It offers many new features and guarantees security updates until the end of 2026. Updating TYPO3 to version 12 has the following advantages:

  • the website becomes faster (improvement of the pagespeed)
  • the handling of the backend has become much more comfortable
  • TYPO3 offers easier system integration thanks to Webhooks and Reactions

More about the changes in TYPO3 v12 can be found here.

What is important to us...

As our customer, we fulfil - almost - every wish. But even more important to us are your customers. Or better: the visitors to your website. For us, thevisitor-friendliness (the term user experience, which is difficult to translate into German, has become established) of a website is the "be-all and end-all" for a successful web presence.

For us, this includes first and foremost:

  • A responsive design that can be used on any display size
  • a simple, intuitive navigation
  • very fast loading times

And of course there are numerous "adjusting screws" in TYPO3 to bring a high-quality website even higher up in the ranking of search results. This is called technical search engine optimisation. We also keep an eye on this in our projects and in our daily support.

Ongoing TYPO3 service and personal support in Munich

We are not committed to projects. If you want to work with us, you do NOT have to completely redo your website. From several hundred customer relationships by now, we have learned how to make average websites successively stronger: in user satisfaction, support for new technologies (e.g. AMP), but of course also in search engine rankings.

And of course, we are at your side as a technical contact in the ongoing day-to-day business. An uncomplicated and competent support. and our free advice on important and current fields of the World Wide Web help you to move your website forward. Instead of anonymous hotlines and ticket systems, our employees are personally at your disposal with qualified advice and very short response and implementation times.

As a customer in the greater Munich area, you benefit in particular: There are no travel costs for personal project meetings, training or consulting appointments. An appointment is possible within a few days.

Your free consultation in Munich

The Internet and especially its many possibilities have always required a lot of explanation. Web design, usability, AMP, TYPO3, PWA, SEO, user experience, mobile first, TTFB, Search Console, etc. That's exactly why we offer you a free consultation in the Munich area. This can take place at your place or at our place directly in Munich. Simply use our contact form and we will arrange an appointment with you at short notice.

We would be happy to help you with the development or modernization of your website! 

TYPO3 agency munich
TYPO3 agency Munich

Professional support directly from Munich. We are happy to offer you our services around TYPO3 and search engine optimization personally in the greater Munich area.

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TYPO3 agency Stuttgart

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TYPO3 agency Frankfurt

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