TYPO3 Agency from Frankfurt

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Agency for TYPO3 development, support and optimization

We develop, extend and optimize websites based on the free open source content management system TYPO3. Our service is fast, competent and reliable. Our prices are fair and transparent.

TYPO3 Consulting

You would like to know what you can extend on your website? Do you need an ACTUAL analysis incl. optimization suggestions or are you looking for support in managing your TYPO3 project? We can help.

[Translate to English:] TYPO3-Agentur für Programmierung
Development & Optimization

Proper programming is important: it is the basis for a fast, maintainable and easy-to-use system. This is called "integration". And for that we have certified integrators, developers, editors and consultants.

[Translate to English:] TYPO3-Agentur für Service & Support
Constant improvement

Our TYPO3 support includes all technical tasks around TYPO3: extension development, TYPO3 updates, search engine optimization, editorial support, reliable hosting with automatic security updates and much more.

We offer quite concretely:

  • the classic relaunch (web design/programming/search engine optimization) based on a current TYPO3 LTS version
  • the programming of sophisticated extensions for your website (e.g. eCommerce extensions, interfaces to in-house or third-party systems, complex dialog systems, etc.)
  • the optimization & expansion of already existing websites
  • reliable, fast and uncomplicated TYPO3 support
  • immediate telephone help (first level support)
  • TYPO3 updates and proactive security updates
  • web analysis & search engine optimization with TYPO3
  • Website hosting and monitoring (including availability, load balance, link validation)

We currently support more than 250 TYPO3 customers of various sizes from the non-profit and private sectors throughout the German-speaking region (D-A-CH).

Our TYPO3 agency profile

Learn everything important about our agency in this PDF:

  • Who we are.
  • What we do.
  • How our rates are.
  • Who our customers are.
  • And much more ...

You can get another brief overview under FAQ about our agency.

Our team: certified TYPO3 specialists

Behind our success is a motivated team of currently eight permanent employees and four freelancers. We pay attention to a constant build-up of knowledge. Our employees are certified as TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator and TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor. In addition, there are awards in the field of Internet marketing (Google Ads) and web analysis (Google Analytics).

Our constantly growing customer base also benefits from this: a large pool of know-how enables us to process customer requests quickly: reliably, unbureaucratically and transparently.

Kerstin Schmitt TCCI- & TCCD-zertifiziert

Kerstin Schmitt

TCCC, TCCI- & TCCD-certified

Alexandra Content Marketing & SEO


Content Marketing & SEO



Internal Organization & Management



Certified TYPO3 Integrator (TCCI)

Oliver TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant


TYPO3 CMS Certified Consultant



TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator (TCCI)



TYPO3 Support & SEO



TYPO3 Developer and Integrator

TYPO3 agency with quality guarantee

As a professional TYPO3 agency, we offer our clients a quality guarantee, ie:

  • we program clean HTML/CSS/JavaScript code
  • we consider accessibility by default (e.g. through ARIA award tags, accessibility optimization, best practice responsiveness)
  • we pay attention to short loading times (pagespeed) and mobile suitability
  • we tag the HTML code with semantic tags for better search engine readability
  • we only install really necessary TYPO3 extensions (better maintainability)
  • our developers are TYPO3 certified (TCCI and TCCD)

When we are contracted to take over content, this is done in a search engine-friendly and barrier-free manner:

  • we create new pages with meaningful title & short description
  • we optimize images for the web
  • we assign alt- and title-tags for images
  • we fill the alt tag of links with meaningful text
  • our editors are TYPO3 certified (TCCE)

Hourly rates of our agency

Our imputed hourly rates depend on whether the client is a Non Profit Organization (NPO) or a business.

* plus VAT

Non-profit organizations are e.g. associations, public institutions (e.g. institutions under public law), associations, churches, non-profit educational institutions (e.g. schools), scientific institutions (universities, research institutes, etc.).

For organizations with a particularly high service requirement we offer so-called Service Level Agreements (SLA). Within the framework of such an agreement, our agency not only provides extra services, but also charges lower hourly rates:

* plus VAT

As a matter of principle, we attach great importance to transparency. That's why we not only publish our hourly rates but also present you with the costs you can expect from our agency for certain project activities. This will not only give you an impression of our service structure, but also a useful price indication for your project. Here is a cost overview of typical TYPO3 projects.

One call is all it takes...

  • You need a professional website that contributes sustainably and measurably to the success of your company?
  • You are dissatisfied with your current TYPO3 support and are looking for a long-term, reliable technical partner with fair prices?
  • You don't get along with TYPO3 and wonder if it's the right system for you?
  • You want to get serious about search engine optimization and need support?
  • You want to update your TYPO3 system?

Then you should contact us. Maybe we can already help you on the phone or convince you in a personal conversation.