TYPO3 programmer/freelancer: hourly rate from 75,-€

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You are looking for a professional TYPO3 developer for yourself or a client?

You don't have the time and/or capacity in-house to learn TYPO3? Since there are not constantly new tasks in this environment, it may not make sense to hire someone for this. But at the same time reliability, availability and timely implementation are very important to you! For these and similar scenarios, we are happy to offer our TYPO3 expertise.

As certified TYPO3 developers, we offer high-quality work. Among other things, we hold all four available TYPO3 certificates in-house:

Six TYPO3 programmers

As an Internet agency with six TYPO3 programmers, we can deliver much more flexibly and very quickly, even with a high workload, in contrast to freelancers. Since 2002, we have been using the Content Management System TYPO3 for our clients.

On request in the Rhine-Main area also on site

We have our office in Frankfurt am Main. In the Rhine-Main area, the work can therefore also be carried out on site. Appointments can usually be arranged at short notice

Transparent billing and fair prices

We bill on a monthly basis: you receive a performance record that documents exactly which employee did what and when.

Hourly rates TYPO3 programmer

Depending on the type of organisation (commercial or non-profit) and the contract commitment (with/without service contract), the following costs apply:


Advantages of our TYPO3 programmers

✔ Specialised expertise, usually certified (TCCE, TCCI, TCCD and TCCC)

✔ 20+ years of experience with TYPOSCRIPT, extension programming, upgrades, etc.

✔ No dependence on a single freelancer (and their reliability/availability)

✔ broad-based know-how as opposed to freelancer

✔ high availability due to higher number of consultants/developers/programmers

✔ fast implementation

✔ transparent billing

✔ fair prices without hidden costs, contractual obligations or flat rates