Prices and hourly rates of our agency

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Our pricing policy is simple and transparent. We only distinguish between commercial companies and non-profit organizations(NPO: associations, public institutions, non-profit organizations, associations, churches, etc.).

Since the latter do not have the possibility to deduct sales tax(=VAT), we accommodate these organizations in the hourly rate:

Under a service level agreement(SLA), hourly rates are reduced as follows::

These prices are not only valid for projects, but also for change requests. This means that you can come to us at any time and request changes - no matter how large. We charge in 15-minute intervals. Upon request, you will receive a binding cost calculation. We do not differentiate between the type of service, i.e. web design, TYPO3 programming or SEO measures. There is no obligation for a permanent contract and no flat rates.

For website owners who are interested in regular changes, such as proactive security updates, server monitoring or editorial activities, we offer service contracts(SLA), which can include various additional services such as hosting, discounted hourly rates, binding response times and much more.