Referencing data records in TYPO3

Referencing content elements instead of copying them

In TYPO3 there is the possibility to reference content elements. In this way, the same content can be used in different places on the website. Changes are then only required once to the referenced content element and are immediately visible in all other places on the website as well.

Example: Pricing at WACON

We have two data sets on our home page that we need in different places. One is the hourly rate for non-profit companies and the other is the hourly rate for companies:

So that we don't want to copy the data records every time and it would also be too time-consuming to edit all copies when making a change, we have referenced the two elements on different pages.

The content elements are created once (no matter where):

Procedure: How to reference a content element in TYPO3

Use the page tree to select the page on which you want to reference the content element. Then select the place where the element is to be inserted. Now create a new content element (button "+Content") and select the type "Insert record" under the tab "Special elements":

Click on the folder symbol on the right-hand side to open the page tree. If you select a page there, the associated content elements appear on the right. Select the desired content element there:


Now the data set only has to be saved and the content elements will be displayed exactly at this point.