TYPO3 Support for Hamburg cemeteries

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The Hamburger Friedhöfe -AöR- has commissioned our TYPO3 agency with the maintenance and support of their website at https://www.friedhof-hamburg.de information, contact and ordering options for the cemeteries Ohlsdorf, Öjendorf, Volksdorf and Wohldorf are offered.


More than 800 sculptures as well as impressive garden architecture make the Parkfriedhof Ohlsdorf - with 389 hectares and more than 200,000 gravesites the largest park cemetery in the world - a world-famous synthesis of the arts:


The TYPO3 based website offers extensive information on the cemeteries, the possibility to keep up to date via a newsletter, online services as well as the online purchase of graves (urn grave, coffin grave, single grave and couple grave).


We would like to thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us.

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