We extend our TYPO3 support with SEO and data protection audits

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As a company, it's important that you not only have an attractive and well-functioning website, but also ensure that your website is privacy-compliant and can be optimally indexed by search engines. That's why we have expanded our TYPO3 support to include data protection and search engine audits to ensure that your website is not only visually and functionally up to date, but also complies with current legal requirements and can be found optimally by search engines.

With our data protection audit, we check your website for any data protection violations and ensure that your website complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In doing so, we check whether, for example, a correct privacy policy is in place, whether you inform your users about the use of cookies, and whether you obtain users' consent to process their personal data.

Our search engine audit includes a review of your website for aspects relevant to search engines. We ensure that your website is search engine friendly so that your website can be optimally indexed by search engines such as Google. We check whether your website has a clear structure, whether relevant keywords are used in the texts and whether your website loads quickly and without errors.

Data protection audit

A data protection audit is a comprehensive review of a company or organization's data protection practices and procedures. The goal of the audit is to ensure that your TYPO3 website complies with applicable data protection laws and regulations and properly protects the personal data it collects and processes.

Our data protection audits cover technical aspects of the website in particular. These include the correct integration of external resources such as YouTube videos or GoogleMaps maps and cookies, as well as the strictest possible content security policy, which incidentally also leads to improved credibility with search engines.

As already announced in the article from 3/31/2023, automatic data protection audits are now optional components of our TYPO3 support.

Search engine audits

A search engine audit or SEO audit is a comprehensive review of the website and related factors that affect visibility and ranking in search engine results. An SEO audit includes an analysis of a website's technical structure, content and backlinks to identify potential problems and make recommendations for improving search engine optimization with TYPO3.

An SEO audit is an important step in ensuring that your website has the best possible search engine rank and can therefore attract greater reach and more visitors. We support you with this goal as part of our TYPO3 support with comprehensive monthly analyses.

Components of the SEO audit include:

  • OnPage analyses: Title, Descrition, H1, H2, Alt attributes, OpenGraph, 404 errors, Thin Content, Duplicaze Content, HTML syntax errors.
  • Visibility analyses: ranking analyses, internal & external links, link development, social media
  • Performance analyses: reachability and pagespeed analyses with Core Web Vitals

Interested in professional TYPO3 support?

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